GROWTH – an organizational chart

in collaboration with Roberto Callisaya, Chihiro Geuzebroek, Remi Hougee, Pieter de Jong, Tanja Dekker, Martine Verweij, Arjan Berkhuysen
March 2024

The Growth stage of this project ends with the publication of the organizational chart; a proposal for a new organizational model based on the subsurface intelligence of the forest floor and how it is organized. The input of participants and trainers, resulting from the five interactive workshops that took place in How Forests Think during Oerol 2023, is translated to an artistic organizational chart by a designer and artist. This organizational chart represents an organizational model that strives for a sustainable relationship between people and forests on Terschelling. Special attention is paid to the question: which representatives are active in this system? The second question that is depicted are the dynamics and feedback loops do we want to see in the relationship between the different representatives?